The Digital Communities Lab will spearhead research into cutting-edge issues of technology and intellectual property in the digital environment.

The Digital Communities Lab will aim to achieve this research objective via two routes: 1) The Lab will assist granting scholarships to promising PhD students at King’s College Dickson Poon School of Law to undertake research on intellectual property issues in the digital world, notably Blockchain. The Lab will coordinate the cutting-edge research in these areas by PhD and LLM students of King’s College Dickson Poon School of School, and, 2) The Lab will host an annual summit of global thought leaders in this field consisting of an interdisciplinary community of scholars, digital-technology-and platform experts, brand and content leaders, cyber law enforcement and security officers, government representatives and students from a range of centres of excellence around the world.

The Lab also aims to study new processes of norm-setting in the context of balancing fundamental rights and conflicts between privacy, free speech, free competition and intellectual property interests in the digital world. Key areas of focus include the use of Blockchain and intellectual property, intellectual property issues in relation to Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, data misuse, intermediary responsibility and cybersecurity.